Week Two Sequence of Lessons….links


Grade 1, Music Literacy lesson #2 – continues work on  warm ups,phrase, steady beat, Song to Read: Michael Finnegan


Grade 2, Music Literacy Lesson #2 – Introduce half note, review mi, sol and la, quarter note, quarter rest, eighth notes, Curwen hand signals.


Grade 3, Music Literacy lesson #2 – fermata, line and space notes,  do, re and mi read from the staff, quarter note, eighth note, pick up note, and Curwen hand signals.


Grade 4, Music Literacy Lesson #2 – do, re, mi, sol, la, half note, quarter note, eighth note, bar line, measure, and double bar.


Grade 5, Literacy Lesson #2 – 16th notes, Curwen hand signals, do  re mi sol la high do


And, in case anyone is interested, our beginning composer last year was Bach.  Here are some online resources that I found:




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