How to Use This Blog

Yesterday I posted links to some “first week of school”  and “beginning the school year” posts.  Shortly I will post links to the second series of lessons, and possibly the third.  I thought, though, that it might be helpful for you to know how to get around on this site.  There are 3 ways to navigate.

The search box will take you to any posts that have information applicable to the key words that you type in.  Search is found at the top right of the page.

The category drop down  menu has topics to choose from, including grade levels, composers, form, holiday activities, listening lessons, mallet instruments, movement and lots more.  Category is found at the top right, under the search box.

The calendar drop down, (archives),  will take you to any month that you click on.  I began this blog in March or April of 2011, but the sequential lessons, starting from the beginning of the year, begin in July of 2011.  If you’re looking for where to begin…start in July 2011.  Archives are found near the bottom right of any page.

Talk to ya soon.




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