The Second Grade Program

Well, it’s here.  Rehearsal week for our second grade program.  Our first rehearsal was this afternoon, and I am encouraged.  I never quite know how these things are going to go until I actually get the kids onstage and see how they do.  We used no props today…just got the kids that have to move  to their positions at the appropriate time and ran through the songs.  So far so good.  I’m using very simple staging.  The students are standing on the stage steps.  On the left is  a flip form laid flat, with two desk chairs on it, labeled “Waldorf and Statler.”  There are 2 mics on those desks, plus another on the right hand side of the room.

By the way, with one exception  I got all of the songs from the Reader’s Digest Children’s Song Book.  Any songs that are being sung with recorded accompaniment are playing directly from my computer, which I have on a small rolling cart right next to me.

All students:  Good evening, and welcome to our second grade program.  Tonight’s program is brought to you by the letters G, R and T, and the number 2.  (Students hold up posters of each letter and number, which include their classroom teacher’s name and 2nd Grade.)


Song:  the Muppet Show Theme.

I bought a karaoke version of the song from iTunes.  It runs twice, probably because the song is so short.  So, the first time the kids just stand there and sing it.  The second time they bend their knees…boys go down when girls are up and vice versa.  Looks pretty cute.

Following the song, 4 “Ernies” in shower caps and robes come to the front.  Two will share the right hand mic, and two will take the mic from Statler’s chair.  In addition, 4 other “Ernies” in shower caps will come forward with bubble wands and solution to blow bubbles while the dialog is going on.

Ernie #1: Well, here I am in my tubby, and my tubby’s all filled with water and nice, fluffy suds.

 Ernie #2: I’ve got my soap and my washcloth, and my nifty scrub brush to help scrub my back.

 Ernie #3:  And I’ve got my big fluffy towel to dry myself when I’m done.

 Ernie#4:  But there’s one other thing that makes tubby time the very best time of the whole day.

 All Ernies:  And do you know what that is?

 All classes: Rubber Duckie!

Song:  Rubber Duckie…I’m playing this on the piano.

While the second grade is singing, our first pair of Waldorf and Statler carefully make their way to their “theater box”.  After the song, while they are speaking, Kermits 1, 2 and 3 will make their way to the other mic.  Our art teacher has designed mustaches on stick for Waldorf and Statler to hold in front of their faces, and I have some fake eyebrows to put on them.  She has also created “Kermit Collars” for them to wear….just like the real Kermit’s.

 Waldorf #1:  What was that?

 Statler #1:  That was very strange.

 Waldorf #1:  It was very weird.

 Statler #1:  Peculiar.

 Waldorf #1:  It was kind of amusing.

 Statler #1: Yes, it was rather funny.

 Waldorf #1:  It was incredibly funny!

 Statler #1:  I loved it!

 Waldorf #1:  Hilarious!

 Both:  Encore!  Encore!

Kermit#1:  Some of us Muppets are as old as Mrs. Rivera.  Jim Henson began creating us in 1954.

 Kermit #2:  But we didn’t become famous until 1969, when Sesame Street premiered on National Educational Television.

 Kermit # 3:  We would like to sing a song that was written for the program Sesame Street.  It’s called “Sing.”

Song:  Sing….piano accompaniment.

While the students are singing, Waldorf and Statler #2 make their way to the theater box.  While they are speaking, I’ll hand a microphone to Oscar, who will be standing in a trash can.  Our art teacher has designed trash can lids from paper plates and foil for several students to wear, but only one Oscar is actually speaking.

Waldorf #2:  How should we know how to get to Sesame Street?

 Statler #2:  We don’t even know how to get out of this theater box!

Oscar:  That song was just too nice.  This show needs something grouchier.  I know….how about a song about trash?

Song:  I Love Trash….piano accompaniment.  Props: The kids will have old sneakers and newspapers to toss over their shoulders onto the stage behind them when they are mentioned in the song.  Also, a broken umbrella, a toy telephone and a trombone, borrowed from our instrumental teacher, and which will NOT be tossed.

While the students are singing, Waldorf and Statler #3 go to the theater box.  When they are speaking, Count von Count will go to the other mic.

 Waldorf  #3:  It’s too bad Oscar is leaving the show.

 Statler #3:  Yeah.  I can think of some other people I’d rather see leave the show.

 Waldorf #3:  Who?

Statler #3:  Me

 Both :  Doh ho ho ho ho.

Count Von Count:  Greetings.  I am Count von Count.  I love to count things.  I can count in English: vun, two, tree.  I can count in Spanish  Uno, dos, tres.  But I’m especially good at counting backwards in Spanish!

Song:  Counting Backwards in Spanish

This is the one song that I didn’t get from the Reader’s Digest Children’s Song Book.  I bought it from iTunes for the kids to sing along with.  It’s not a karaoke version, but the singer is an adult male, so the kids voices will be easily distinguishable from his.   While the students are singing, Waldorf and Statler #4 go to the theater box.  When they speak, Miss Piggy will go to the other mic. Our art teacher designed pig snouts from egg cartons and elastic bands.  I borrowed some pink feather boas and bought a few cheapo Princess crowns.  We’ll have about 8 Miss Piggies, but only one will speak.

 Waldorf #4 :  Hey you old fool!  You slept through the whole number!

 Statler #4:  Who’s a fool?  You watched it!  Doh ho ho ho ho

 Miss Piggy:  In 1979 we Muppets starred in a Christmas T.V. special with singer John Denver.  Mrs. Rivera said that you would remember who he is, even though we don’t.  We would like to perform the song that John sang in that program:  It’s in Every One of Us.

 Song: It’s in Every One of Us…piano accompaniment

Segue to The Rainbow Connection.  (I bought a very nice karaoke version from iTunes.) The students follow me to stay together as we sway right and left.  It was tricky for them at first, because you have to sway and hold on one side before you sway to the other. 

 While the students are singing, our last Waldorf and Statler go to the theater box.

Waldorf #5:  I think I ought to see a doctor.

 Statler #5:  Why do you say that?

Waldorf #5: I’m beginning to like this show.

 Statler #5:  Just when you think this show is terrible something wonderful happens.

 Waldorf #5:  What?

 Statler #5:  It ends.

Reprise: The Muppet Show Theme

Doh ho ho ho ho

Reprise:  The Muppet Show Theme Song

Some other costuming and props that I’m using: I bought a dozen chef’s hats from Oriental Trading Company, for some Swedish Chefs.  I have a wig and sun glasses for one “Animal”, and a long pink wig for the girl muppet with long hair….don’t know her name….Flo?

So…I’ll keep you posted as to how it’s going.  I’ll take as many pics as I can, but I’m not allowed to post pics of the kids, so I’ll have to figure out how to show you some of this stuff.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Anne
    Mar 15, 2012 @ 21:57:55

    Wow! That’s really great.


    • Jane
      Mar 15, 2012 @ 22:29:54

      Thanks Anne! Programs are really nerve racking for me for about 3 weeks before they actually happen. then, once I get the kids onstage and can see how it’s supposed to look, I can relax a little. I can’t rearrange furniture in my head either….Lol


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  3. Marianne
    Mar 18, 2012 @ 18:26:34

    What a cute idea. I’ll have to remember it for down the road. We are doing lullabies and bedtime stories with grades 1 & 2 next year.


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