School is out for almost a week! (Yeehah!). Over the next few days I hope to take care of 3 things, blog wise .

1. I’m working on a post of what we are going to be doing when we return. I’m hoping to get a little bit ahead of the game on planning and activities for December.

2. I’ll issue the last book sale list until January. There are still lots of books and other things that need to be cleaned out, but December just isn’t the time to do it! I realized that every time I post a book it generates an email to those of you who are following the blog, so I will put multiple books on one post, so there will be less email for you to slog through.

3. I’ll put out a last call on the books that are still there that haven’t been spoken for. ( Again, all in one post). After a few days I’ll take ’em all down and get rid of them.

I am thankful for SO many things…..
My family will all be here tomorrow for a Thanksgiving turkey dinner.
My husband returned safely from California last night, where he has been for the last week helping his mother get ready to move.
In the grand scheme of things, I am a wealthy person….wealthy in family, education, work, faith and love.
And I am so grateful for everyone who reads this blog. Teaching is a valuable and meaningful vocation. I have been blessed to be able to teach music for all these years. The fact that so many of you are willing to spend your valuable time reading, and hopefully using, these lessons has given additional meaning and value to the last 7 months, and to my final year as a music educator.

God bless us, every one! Have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!


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