The Magic School Bus Inside the Haunted House

Last week in 3rd grade I taught an introductory lesson on sound, vibration, pitch and hearing.

This week, as a follow up, I showed them “The Magic School Bus Inside the Haunted House”, which gives a concise but entertaining explanation of how sounds are created.

I never show a video without a worksheet, to help with focus and memory. I have 2 “Haunted House” worksheets which I believe I acquired through Karen Stafford’s Music Education Madness website. (I’m not sure, but I think the site may have been taken down, because Karen just didn’t have time to keep up with it.)

1. _________________________________ was not happy with the sound of his invented instrument.

2. The kids were going to a rehearsal at the _______________________________ museum.

3. The kids were worried that their concerto would be ________________________________.

4. Carlos’ instrument kept looking _________________— but sounding ____________________.

5. What did the books in the library do that was unusual? ___________________________.

6. Professor Contralto devoted her entire life to ______________________________.

7. Who made the echo that was heard from the bedroom? ___________________________________.

8. Every room in the house was built to show something about __________________________.

9. When the strings stopped ___________________________ the sound stopped.

10. Sound is made by vibration. (circle one.) True False

11. High sounds are made by something vibrating _____________________________.

12. Low sounds are made by something vibrating ____________________________.

13. Sound waves are kind of like ripples in a _______________________.

14. It didn’t matter how Carlos’ instrument looked as long as it could ____________________________.

15. An echo is made by sound waves _______________________________.

16. Carlos’ instrument couldn’t vibrate because there was not enough stuff on it.

True False

17. You can never see sound waves because they travel much too ______________________.

18. A loud sound is a __________________________ vibration.

19. A soft sound is a ____________________________vibration.

20. Our ears turn sound into something our _____________________ can handle.

Answers: 1. Carlos. 2. sound. 3. ruined. 4. better, worse. 5. They made sounds. 6. sound. 7. Miss Frizzle. 8. sound. 9. vibrating. 10. true. 11. fast. 12. slow. 13. pond. 14. vibrate. 15. bouncing. 16. false. 17. fast. 18. big. 19. tiny. 20. brains.

The use the other worksheet when I show the video for the 2nd time, late in 4th grade. (Right before their state science test.)

1. Sound is _____________________________.

2. High sound is a ___________________ vibration.

3. Low sound is a ___________________vibration.

4. An echo is made from sound waves that ____________________ off other objects.

5. A sound is made when something __________________- back and forth on the air and makes the air ______________________.

6. The vibration travels through the air to your ______________________ as a ____________ _________________.

7. A loud sound is a ________________________ vibration.

8. A soft sound is a ________________________ vibration.

word bank: pushes, sound, vibrate, big, fast, wave, slow, vibration, tiny, ear, bounce.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jean M. Shields
    Oct 10, 2011 @ 09:30:27

    Jane, thank you SO MUCH for introducing me to this DVD on sound! I LOVE Ms. Frizzle! It’s perfect for October!


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