Instrumental Classmates, In Tune With Percussion

For reinforcing your teaching of families of instruments, as well as some information on vibration and how sounds are made, my students enjoy the instrumental classmates series.  There is one video for each family of instruments, plus one for keyboards.  They star a goofy guy named Pachelbel Johann Sebastian Smith…P.J. for short.

This week I followed up my sound lesson in 4th grade with “In Tune With Percussion.”  I stop the video in the appropriate places  so that the kids can record their answers .

1.   What are the 2 different kinds of percussion instruments?   (Pitched and non pitched.)

2.  Non pitched instruments keep the ______________.  (beat.)

3.  Pitched instruments play the ____________.  (melody.)

4.  Tempo is the _________________ at which music is played.  (speed.)

5.  The piano has ____________ keys.  (88).

6.  3 pitched percussion instruments are:   _______________________________________



7.  3 non-pitched percussion instruments are:  ____________________________________




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