Bach’s Fight For Freedom

Bach's Fight for Freedom

Every once in a while you need to exercise your release valve. “Bach’s Fight For Freedom” is a video that I would be showing in a few weeks anyway, and today is a particularly stressful day for me , so I decided to show it now to give me a little extra time to get myself together. Whether I’ll show it for the rest of the week to my 5th graders remains to be seen…sooner or later they’ll all see it.

I received two video worksheets from members of the MusicK-8 mailing list. The first came from Chandra Stough.

Sorry I can’t get the questions and answers to line up like a proper worksheet. :0(

Bach’s Fight for Freedom …………………….. Name___________________

Circle the answer that will complete each statement:
1. Quote: “Life isn’t about what we want.”……… True……. False
2. The boy in the story is named……… Frederick ….. Leo
3. The story takes place during…. Bach’s Time….. Our Time
4. Bach is the chapel ……….. Cleaner ….. Organist
5. Organs during Bach’s time were powered by….. Electricity….. Foot Pump
6. Frederick is good at …….. Fixing things….. Singing
7. Quote: “Mr. Bach thinks we’re meant to…….. Celebrate Life…. Sleep a lot
8. Quote: “If there’s something in this world
that you’re meant to do, then just go out
and…” ………Forget it….. Do it
9. Frederick goes to visit Bach’s….. Family….. Mother
10. Bach’s father taught him to play the ………. Flute…… Violin
11. The duke arrests Bach for accepting a
new job. True……. False
The duke’s nephew asks the duke to True……. False
free Bach.

The second worksheet ……has been deleted from the post. I was informed that it came from the study guide to the composer’s series. I think I would probably be in violation of copyright if I left it there. I’m sorry!



8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Judy Kilgore
    Oct 03, 2011 @ 10:15:50

    Hi Jane: The second list of questions is from the Composer’s Specials Teacher’s Guide by Hal Leonard. It is a great book. Denise Gagne also has some good questions about the video (and others) in her Listening Resource Kits. Thanks for sharing all your lesson plans, as you’ve been doing this year. I look forward to reading them each week, and getting new insights from you. Judy K. in Mt.


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  4. Kelly C.
    Apr 12, 2013 @ 10:49:52

    Jane, just thought I’d let you know, I just did a google search for “Bach’s Fight For Freedom worksheet,” and THIS post on YOUR blog, was the 4th search result! You’re getting famous!!


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