The Week In a Nutshell, Friday Sept. 30, 2011, Primary

In first and second grades this week, each grade had their own literacy lesson, and then both learned the same song.

Grade 1 worked on “A Sailor Went to Sea,” still a steady beat song, but since the beat is also the rhythm of the song we’re preparing to venture into rhythm territory.

l l l l l l l l
A sailor went to sea sea sea
s d s l s m s s

l l l l l l l l
To see what he could see see see
s d s l t d d d

l l l l l l l l
And all that he could see see see
s d s l s m s s

l l l l l l l l
Was wa ter in the sea sea sea.
s l l t t d d d

A slightly different version of the song can be found in MusicPlay, grade 2.

We keep the steady beat as usual by speaking the syllable “doo” each time I touch one of the beat lines.
Next we add 1 clap for each doo. Finally, they clap and doo while I sing the song to them.

I teach the words and melody by rote. Every time we sing “sea” or “see” we touch our foreheads in a little salute, always on the beast.

Verse 2: A sailor went to chop chop chop. Karate chop your own arm.
Verse 3: A sailor went to knee knee knee. Karate chop your own knee.
Verse 4: A sailor went to tap tap tap. Tap feet.
Verse 5. A sailor went to oo-wash-ee-wash. Twist around like you’re a washing machine.

Then do the whole song over again without stopping between verses.

Grade 2: This week I introduce “do” to second grade. Our warm ups already include the pattern
“do mi sol mi do.”


(Check the category “Warm ups” for more warm up recordings.)

Because they are familiar with the pattern, it’s easy to introduce the handsign for do, and the “sol mi do” pattern used in the song “Ten in the Bed.” I sing them the song, and have them sing “sol mi do. Sol mi do,” every time we come to that pattern. (I signal them with the hand sign for sol mi do.) After we’ve gone through that 10 times, (ah the power of repetition), I tell them the real words and we sing the song as we look at one of the books.
“There were 10 in the bed and the little one said, roll over. roll over.
So they all rolled over and one fell out…
There were 9 etc.”

The song is notated in the back of “Roll Over” by Merle Peek. isbn 0-395-58105-2

Ten in a Bed

Ten Bears in a Bed, Roll Over

The song that both grades learned is “The Noble Duke of York/ A Hunting We Will Go.” A slightly different version , “The Grand Old Duke of York” can be found in MusicPlay, grade 2. I play the song on my guitar, and have the kids stand every time they hear the word up, sit every time they hear the word down, and stand half way up when the hear the words “half way up.”

Oh the noble Duke of York
m r d d d d d

He had ten thousand men.
d r r r r r

He led them up to the top of the hill
r m m m m m f f f f

Then he led them down again.
f f m m r r d

And when they were up they were up.
d d d d d d d d

And when they were down they were down.
d r r r r r r r

But when they were only half way up
r m m m m m f f f

They were neither up nor down.
f f m m r r d

I play it in D Major, using D, A and G.

We do this several times, each time getting a little faster. Then I ask them to try and sing the melody with me on la la la . Never a problem for them. Now I tell them, “The reason I wanted you to hear this song is because it has exactly the same tune as the song in this rhyming book.”

A Hunting We Will Go by John Langstaff

“A Hunting We Will Go” by John Langstaff, illustrated by Natalie Winslow Parker, isbn 0-689-50007-6.

At the bottom of each page is a picture of an animal. The first is a fox. I ask for as many rhyming words for fox as I can think of, then we turn the page to see which it is.

“Oh a hunting we will go.
A hunting we will go.
We’ll catch a fox and put him in a box
And then we’ll let him go.

Then repeat on la la la.

You don’t need the book to do this…just pick an animal and rhyme it. When we’ve finished the book that’s exactly what we do with class names. I start us off…”We’ll catch Hannah and give her a banana” e.g. I never have to do that more than twice before they’re off and running with it.

It’s FRIDAY!!! Have a great weekend!




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