Permission to Blog

September 6, 2011

Dear Parents,

I’m writing to inform you of a new project in music class. I would like to create a blog on that the students will author. Participation is voluntary. WordPress is a free website that allows individuals to publish their work on the internet. I would like give you a few facts about the blog before we get started, all security related.

* The site is password protected. I will be the only person with the password. The students will bring their work to me and I will be the one publishing it.

* It is a private blog, the way I have constructed it. Search engines are blocked, and it cannot be found by anyone who does not have the URL.

* No comments are published before they have been sent to me via email. I have final approval as to what is made public online.

* As a security precaution no last names will be used. Pictures will be used only with parental consent. The school district and building will never be identified.

* A permission slip for participation is included with this letter. My goal is to integrate writing and vocabulary with music. The students will respond to audio/visual content, write on topics that I provide or free write their own content. The URL for the site will be:

Watch for our authors!

Jane Rivera
Vocal Music, T Elementary

I give participation for my child, ______________________________________ to participate in blog writing if he/she so desires. I understand that approved work will appear on a private internet blog site.

________________________________________ _____________________________
Parent/Guardian signature Date


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