Renaissance Classroom Pictures

These are pictures of my classroom in a previous year. The theme was castles and Renaissance. You can click on the pictures for a larger view….just use the back button to return to the page.

He was about 4 feet tall, so I stood him on some file boxes to give him height.

I know, I know…Bob Dylan wasn’t Renaissance. I’m kind of eclectic.

Wide view, showing my roll up keyboard and banners hanging from the center beam. (It's a working keyboard.)

Bulletin board detail

The Mrs. Rivera, Mayor silly picture was left over from Tune Town, the previous year.

Bulletin Board

Bookshelf. This represents about half of my personal library.

Sometimes toys make great, inexpensive decorations. The small picture at the bottom is me and some colleagues doing our end of the year Temptations impersonation.

The Temps. Not.

These are costumes from my a capella singing days, thoroughly researched and accurate. I held her up by draping the clothing over a stack plastic containers.

King Henry VIII and one of his headless wives. Don't worry...I didn't tell the kids that.


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