Internet Resources for Teacher Use

Teacher Resources:  Planning and Preparation

stress relief for you!


online lesson planning and note keeping

student/teacher online interaction

Teacher Resources:  Lesson Plans

unit plan on Handel

video demonstration lesson on teaching kids proper use of instruments

lesson plans for smart board ?

Intermediate level listening lessons sorted by composer.

(Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra.)

lesson plans and worksheets, online activities

Teacher Resources:  Science of Sound

What is sound?

Teacher Resources:  Content Areas

radio shows for kids, information on composers, games, instruments and instrument families, musical careers,make your own radio show .  Also listed on the student resource page.

profiles of great classical composers, video of the week.

instrument listening quiz.

quizzes and games for all kinds of content

games activities and quizzes for all kinds of content

John Williams

Teacher Resources:  Download and/or Print Materials

voice cards, body percussion patterns, notes on the staff,  percussion play along,   Pachelbel Canon for Orff instruments, behavior forms, self assessment poster.

powerpoints, links, worksheets, webquest.

free powerpoint backgrounds

few sound loops, instruments and sound effects

music worksheets wiki

links to music teacher freebies.  (technology related.)

customizable, printable certificates.  Free.

powerpoints and music games for kids

note naming worksheet generator

early childhood song powerpoints

games and resources

drop box full of printable files and lesson plans

Teacher Resources:  Music Theory

How to count music.

ear training.

Online music games.  Looked to me like should be presented by teacher…not a kid exploration site, necessarily.

Teacher Resources:  Music————————————–

Free  classical music cross references by composer, performer, genre,  and instrumentation.

Links to sites that offer free music.

free music

clapping songs

National Children’s Folksong repository


rarely used 2nd verses


dooby dooby dooby doo

Denise Gagne

I like Singin’

Denise Gagne

Denise Gagne

orechestra animations



Brain Dance

Bee Gees – Stayin’ Alive  (To go with Scarin’ Alive)

Canon in D


Danse Macabre

You’ve Got a Friend in Me

Musical Event

For Good from Wicked

John Williams

For Fun


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